About us

Hodgdon Defense Composites, LLC (HDC) combines its expertise in advanced composite technology and 200 years of boatbuilding ingenuity to define today's defense composites industry.

HDC designs and builds all-composite military, homeland security and rescue craft. The company applies innovative composite solutions to optimize ship strength, weight and performance.

Defining Composite Standards Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), HDC develops composite design standards, advanced manufacturing methods, non-destructive testing standards and impact tests to better define modern composites construction. Working with expert business partners such as the University of Maine's Advanced Structures & Composites Center (AEWC), naval architectural firm Donald L. Blount & Associates Inc. (DLBA) and expert composites engineer S.P. Gurit/High Modulus, these advanced design and manufacturing standards are based upon actual HDC experience and expertise.

Expert Design
From the revolutionary MAKO patrol boat to the next generation of military craft and precision parts manufacturing, HDC applies its deep experience and technology to solve engineering problems, producing excellent boats and parts.