Hodgdon Yachts (HYI), an affiliate of Hodgdon Defense Composites is a family-owned company, founded in 1816. HYI has constructed more than 400 vessels, including Navy mine sweepers and sub-chasers. HYI combines the finest materials and components with world-class craftsmanship to produce vessels of unsurpassed quality, beauty and utility. While addressing the needs of a dynamic marine industry, HYI promotes a culture of continuous improvement in facilities, methods and skills, creating maximum value for customers, employees and the community.

Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc. (DLBA) is an internationally recognized naval architecture/marine engineering firm offering technical design services for the development and construction of state-of-the-art marine craft. The firm also directs research programs to develop and/or extend technologies that advance maritime applications.

Advanced Structures & Composites Center (AEWC) at the University of Maine leads integrated composite materials research, development and testing. The Center's eight laboratories develop composite materials and structures from the conceptual stage through research, in addition to manufacturing prototypes, testing and evaluation.

S.P. Gurit/High Modulus is a leading supplier of composite technology and structural engineering services to the marine industry focused on increasing production throughput, improving quality control, reducing waste and improving structural integrity.

Matrix Research provides expertise for radar systems and measurement services, advanced signal processing, exploitation systems, antennas, radomes and composite structures.

Technology Systems, Inc. (TSI) is a leading and experienced innovator in software and systems integration of emerging technology whose work covers the spectrum from contract research and development to delivering final products.

Rapid Response Technology manufactures a jet-powered rescue craft based on surf rescue technology and capabilities.

Vectorply makes more than 350 different styles of reinforcement fabrics for an unlimited number of composite applications and is a world leader in distribution.