Coastal Patrol Boat

Hodgdon Defense Composites has refined the design of the MAKO to meet homeland security requirements. This Coastal Patrol Boat improves on the MAKO design by increasing the vessel shear (the height between the keel and boat deck) by 24 inches adding significant headroom belowdecks. This boat is an attractive choice for those operating for extended periods at sea.

Coastal Patrol Boat Illustrations (mouse over to enlarge)

Builder: Hodgdon Yachts
Length Overall: 83 ft
Maximum Beam: 17.5 ft
Draft (max. static): 5 ft
Displacement: 65 tons
Hull: Monohull
Hull Material: Infused Carbon Fiber Composite
Power plant: 2x2400 HP MTU Engines
Propulsion: Waterjet
Fuel Capacity: 2400 gal
Cruise Speed: 25-35 knots
Max Speed: 50+ knots
Range at Max Speed: 500 nm
Payload: 6500 lbs