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Next Generation Patrol Boat


  • Propulsion package options are available including a center line gas turbine engine that increases sprint speeds to over 60 knots
  • Standard propulsion package includes two wing diesel engines to achieve loiter speeds of over 40 knots
  • Multiple deck and interior configurations makes the NGPB mission configurable
  • Stealthy topside design results in difficult detection
  • At 88 feet long and with a beam of 20.7 feet, NGPB provides more space for military payload, and interior volume provides crew accommodations and multi-mission work area.
Intended Uses
  • Interdiction of smugglers, terrorists, etc.
  • Coastal patrol, protection of moving vessels and fixed structures such as oil rigs
  • Transportation of Special Operations Forces

Builder: Hodgdon Yachts
Length Overall: 26.8 M
Maximum Beam: 6.3 M
Draft (Maximum Static): 1.4 M
Full Load Displacement: 68 MT
Range at Top Speed: 500 NM
Intended Mission: 72-hour surveilance/station-keeping
Hull Type: Double-chine monohull
Hull Material: Infused carbon fiber composite
Powerplant: 2 x 1790 KW MTU diesel engines; 1 x 4176 KW vericor TF50 gas turbine
Propulsion: Waterjet
Fuel capacity: 10600 L